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    Sussex County, New Jersey



    Matches 1 to 50 of 82

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
    1 Casad, Lydia  12 Apr 1799Sussex County, New Jersey I2 Windemuth Descendents 
    2 Decker, Annie M.  27 Apr 1866Sussex County, New Jersey I12223 Windemuth Descendents 
    3 Decker, Elisha  1 Nov 1874Sussex County, New Jersey I12227 Windemuth Descendents 
    4 Decker, Jennie  Dec 1892Sussex County, New Jersey I12232 Windemuth Descendents 
    5 Decker, Katie  1 Jan 1876Sussex County, New Jersey I12228 Windemuth Descendents 
    6 Decker, Lillian E.  2 Feb 1881Sussex County, New Jersey I12231 Windemuth Descendents 
    7 Decker, Olivia  28 Sep 1872Sussex County, New Jersey I12226 Windemuth Descendents 
    8 Decker, Pierson  6 Sep 1879Sussex County, New Jersey I12229 Windemuth Descendents 
    9 Decker, Ray Carr  24 Jun 1880Sussex County, New Jersey I12230 Windemuth Descendents 
    10 Decker, Sarah E.  18 Sep 1868Sussex County, New Jersey I12224 Windemuth Descendents 
    11 Decker, Simon  18 Sep 1868Sussex County, New Jersey I12225 Windemuth Descendents 
    12 Dodder, Jr. Abraham  9 Dec 1807Sussex County, New Jersey I3429 Windemuth Descendents 
    13 Dodder, Alice  3 May 1805Sussex County, New Jersey I3427 Windemuth Descendents 
    14 Dodder, Charles Rhodes  23 Oct 1798Sussex County, New Jersey I3425 Windemuth Descendents 
    15 Dodder, Esther  8 Feb 1797Sussex County, New Jersey I2384 Windemuth Descendents 
    16 Dodder, George Wintermute  11 May 1815Sussex County, New Jersey I3431 Windemuth Descendents 
    17 Dodder, Henry  9 Dec 1807Sussex County, New Jersey I3428 Windemuth Descendents 
    18 Dodder, Hester\Esther Ann  21 Jul 1836Sussex County, New Jersey I3441 Windemuth Descendents 
    19 Dodder, Jacob  2 Nov 1800Sussex County, New Jersey I2922 Windemuth Descendents 
    20 Dodder, Joseph Wintermute  11 Jul 1810Sussex County, New Jersey I3430 Windemuth Descendents 
    21 Dodder, Lydia Dildine  28 Nov 1802Sussex County, New Jersey I3426 Windemuth Descendents 
    22 Hankinson, Hugh Shotwell  18 Jun 1798Sussex County, New Jersey I3069 Windemuth Descendents 
    23 Hankinson, John  25 May 1771Sussex County, New Jersey I3070 Windemuth Descendents 
    24 Kinney, Isaac Snover  19 Nov 1811Sussex County, New Jersey I10816 Windemuth Descendents 
    25 Kinney, Rachel  23 Mar 1810Sussex County, New Jersey I10815 Windemuth Descendents 
    26 Snover, Alpheus  20 Jul 1820Sussex County, New Jersey I15140 Windemuth Descendents 
    27 Snover, David Harker  7 Jan 1803Sussex County, New Jersey I15130 Windemuth Descendents 
    28 Snover, Elcy  17 Feb 1817Sussex County, New Jersey I15134 Windemuth Descendents 
    29 Snover, Eleanor "Nelly"  27 Oct 1792Sussex County, New Jersey I6882 Windemuth Descendents 
    30 Snover, Elizabeth  9 Jan 1795Sussex County, New Jersey I15124 Windemuth Descendents 
    31 Snover, Henry Dunfield  11 Nov 1818Sussex County, New Jersey I15136 Windemuth Descendents 
    32 Snover, John Teel  8 Jun 1815Sussex County, New Jersey I15133 Windemuth Descendents 
    33 Snover, Margaret  13 Nov 1800Sussex County, New Jersey I15128 Windemuth Descendents 
    34 Snover, Mary Ann  25 Sep 1807Sussex County, New Jersey I15131 Windemuth Descendents 
    35 Snover, Matthias Goebel  29 Nov 1796Sussex County, New Jersey I15126 Windemuth Descendents 
    36 Snover, Moses  10 Feb 1777Sussex County, New Jersey I6871 Windemuth Descendents 
    37 Snover, Moses  29 Mar 1798Sussex County, New Jersey I15127 Windemuth Descendents 
    38 Snover, Nathan G.  7 Jan 1803Sussex County, New Jersey I15129 Windemuth Descendents 
    39 Snover, Rachel  26 Oct 1793Sussex County, New Jersey I15123 Windemuth Descendents 
    40 Sterling, Sarah Ola  Abt 1801Sussex County, New Jersey I3434 Windemuth Descendents 
    41 Van Fleet, Margaret A.  30 Oct 1850Sussex County, New Jersey I16386 Windemuth Descendents 
    42 Wintamute, Abram Shaver  20 Feb 1807Sussex County, New Jersey I1971 Windemuth Descendents 
    43 Wintamute, Baltis Keen  23 May 1832Sussex County, New Jersey I2043 Windemuth Descendents 
    44 Wintamute, Charity Louisa  28 Jul 1843Sussex County, New Jersey I1953 Windemuth Descendents 
    45 Wintamute, Edward Lanning  14 Apr 1836Sussex County, New Jersey I2021 Windemuth Descendents 
    46 Wintamute, Margaret  5 Aug 1778Sussex County, New Jersey I1982 Windemuth Descendents 
    47 Wintamute, Seth Daves  2 Oct 1845Sussex County, New Jersey I1952 Windemuth Descendents 
    48 Wintemute, Elizabeth  1772Sussex County, New Jersey I4412 Windemuth Descendents 
    49 Wintemute, George (Jury)  1745Sussex County, New Jersey I1482 Windemuth Descendents 
    50 Wintemute, Philip  1742Sussex County, New Jersey I1306 Windemuth Descendents 

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    Matches 1 to 5 of 5

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
    1 Dodder, Abraham  29 Jun 1819Sussex County, New Jersey I2923 Windemuth Descendents 
    2 Dodder, Esther  Sussex County, New Jersey I2384 Windemuth Descendents 
    3 Snover, Catharine  16 Nov 1869Sussex County, New Jersey I1715 Windemuth Descendents 
    4 Snover, John Teel  3 Sep 1817Sussex County, New Jersey I15133 Windemuth Descendents 
    5 Wintamute, Margaret  29 Mar 1848Sussex County, New Jersey I1982 Windemuth Descendents 


    Matches 1 to 16 of 16

       Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
    1 Auble / Wintermute  30 Jun 1855Sussex County, New Jersey F1708 Windemuth Descendents 
    2 Cook / Snover  1 Dec 1808Sussex County, New Jersey F3964 Windemuth Descendents 
    3 Hunt / Wintermute  28 Nov 1812Sussex County, New Jersey F2087 Windemuth Descendents 
    4 Philips / Snook  6 Oct 1998Sussex County, New Jersey F1630 Windemuth Descendents 
    5 Snover / Buchanan  8 Feb 1840Sussex County, New Jersey F4046 Windemuth Descendents 
    6 Snover / Keen  1800Sussex County, New Jersey F2350 Windemuth Descendents 
    7 Snover / Stiff  18 Dec 1824Sussex County, New Jersey F2308 Windemuth Descendents 
    8 Windamute / Rhodes  28 Dec 1775Sussex County, New Jersey F933 Windemuth Descendents 
    9 Windemuth / Bernhardten  1739Sussex County, New Jersey F664 Windemuth Descendents 
    10 Wintermute / Bird  12 Sep 1840Sussex County, New Jersey F1026 Windemuth Descendents 
    11 Wintermute / Force  14 Jan 1819Sussex County, New Jersey F1088 Windemuth Descendents 
    12 Wintermute / Hankinson  29 Jan 1817Sussex County, New Jersey F847 Windemuth Descendents 
    13 Wintermute / Keen  9 Sep 1843Sussex County, New Jersey F855 Windemuth Descendents 
    14 Wintermute / Shackelton  28 Feb 1810Sussex County, New Jersey F852 Windemuth Descendents 
    15 Wintermute / Van Auken  6 Jun 1811Sussex County, New Jersey F1093 Windemuth Descendents 
    16 Wintermute / Ward  8 Jan 1848Sussex County, New Jersey F1084 Windemuth Descendents