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    Matches 1 to 45 of 45

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 ANDERSON, Lucile  Jun 1896Nebraska I1144
    2 BROPHY, Lynn Atkinson  12 Aug 1898Nebraska I1033
    3 DOTY, Paul L.  08 Mar 1922Nebraska I233
    4 Duborks, Mary A.  Dec 1888Nebraska I86
    5 Dunning, Chloe  1867Nebraska I6292
    6 Fisher, Alice Rosa Belle  29 Oct 1872Nebraska I9444
    7 Fisher, Eugene Forest "Gene"  21 Apr 1889Nebraska I9891
    8 HAMILTON, Harvey A.  Jun 1889Nebraska I553
    9 Hamilton, Lelia J.  May 1898Nebraska I3627
    10 HAMILTON, Roy E.  Sep 1888Nebraska I92
    11 Heinzman, Beatrice M.  -07 Jan 1914Nebraska I17183
    12 Heinzman, Beatrice Myrtle  01 Jul 1914Nebraska I3641
    13 Heinzman, Dale Frederick  1921Nebraska I17184
    14 Heinzman, Doris M.  About 1912Nebraska I3640
    15 HEINZMAN, Scott Earl  About 1889Nebraska I399
    16 Heinzman, Warren W.  1926Nebraska I17186
    17 Heinzman, Wayne S.  1924Nebraska I17185
    18 Heinzman, William Warren  11 Nov 1925Nebraska I3644
    19 Heinzman, Wilma  About 1902Nebraska I3638
    20 Heinzman, Wilma  1902Nebraska I12803
    21 Heinzman, Winnona  About 1900Nebraska I3637
    22 HEISER, Floyd William  25 Jul 1903Nebraska I16990
    23 Kockenteit, Benjamin Franklin  1895Nebraska I30
    24 Kockenteit, Ruth Elizabeth  1894Nebraska I29
    25 Korb, A. Raymond  1913Nebraska I5923
    26 Korb, Alfred M  1917Nebraska I5922
    27 Korb, Alice Marie  1909Nebraska I5921
    28 Korb, Lucy K.  1915Nebraska I5924
    29 Korb, Ralph W.  1907Nebraska I5920
    30 LEWIS, Clarence  1894Nebraska I661
    31 LEWIS, Jacob S.  1898Nebraska I662
    32 LOOMIS, Anna Lelia  1 Feb 1909Nebraska I16010
    33 LOOMIS, Carl Leon  19 Mar 1907Nebraska I16009
    34 Owens, Mabel N,  Feb 1889Nebraska I6295
    35 Owens, William K.  Mar 1891Nebraska I6296
    36 PUCKETT, Ada  25 Jun 1913Nebraska I1409
    37 PUCKETT, Charles Francis  07 Jul 1909Nebraska I1406
    38 PUCKETT, Doris Marie  31 Jan 1923Nebraska I1077
    39 PUCKETT, Eleanor  1922Nebraska I1076
    40 PUCKETT, Elizabeth (Lizzie)  About 1904Nebraska I1408
    41 Puckett, Walter W.  About 1902Nebraska I3629
    42 RAWSON, Frank Garret  About 1897Nebraska I1130
    43 Schafer, Paul D.  1921Nebraska I6286
    44 THOMAS, Lucy H.  Feb 1890Nebraska I85
    45 THOMAS, Robert H.  Apr 1893Nebraska I84


    Matches 1 to 2 of 2

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 Brown, Anthony "Tone"  Aft 1870Nebraska I9435
    2 Wintermute, George T.  Sep 1897Nebraska I9400


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 Korb / Duborks  About 1904Nebraska F2511