Allen Puckett family, about 1905

Richard Maykoski & Rebecca Lewis Genealogy

Welcome to our webpage. This site contains genealogy/ family history information on Maykoski,Lewis,Schlagel, Wintermute families.

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In Memorium - Rex Owen Lewis 1924 - 2011.

Photos Rex took in Saipan during WWII.


feature 1 Some Red Willow County Stuff. Three books in PDF and a Indianola school photo.

feature 3 Trails West to Red Willow County, Nebraska. If you have family that pioneered in Red Willow County, Nebraska, you may find some useful information in the short bios of these people. The book was edited by Robert T. Ray and Lois Rutledge, friends of Rebecca's grandparents.

feature 4 Windemuth-Wintermute-Wintermote information. This area has information on the families descended from Johan Christoph Windemuth and Mary Marguerite Kleppinger, married 4 Jan 1702. I have included some scans of the ships records with signatures of the emigrators.


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